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Billede information:
Fugleart: Østlig Lundsanger - (Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus) - Two-barred Warbler
Lokalitet: Swifterbant - Kamperhoek, Flevoland, Holland
Dato: 1. december 2013
Billede info: This bird was a nightmare of 7 hours with a lot of stress and sprint to see... Nothing !

Around 01.00 pm I had a contact with a Phylloscopus that I had seen only from the below in a sycamore for less than 2 sec. Later in the day, Michel Peero refound the bird in the first place and some lucky guys had a short view of it (as me). On this time, I saw only a Greenish-type with a strong broad wing bar...

Hopefully for the all group (ca. 200), the bird was seen by 'all of us' just after it landed in the canopy in the edge of the wood, it stayed in open view really high for less than 13 seconds of pure heaven !!!

Finally a record shot of it !!! For the pleasure of this mixed country group who some come from really far... Fabien (North France) but also PAC & Eric (Côte d'Azur in South of France). I just want to make a special thanks to the guy who pointed the bird with the laser, without who we all failed the bird today (excepted the few lucky during the day).
Billede opsætning: Canon 500mm F4 + TC 1,4 II + 1D Mark IV
Fotograf: Vincent Legrand, Belgien
Uploadet den: 2. december 2013
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