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Billede information:
Fugleart: Fjordterne - (Sterna hirundo) - Common Tern
Fugleart (IOC): Fjordterne (Sterna hirundo) Common Tern ssp. hirundo - species factsheet
Stemme: Stemmer findes her (eksternt link).
Lokalitet: Fish market , coast of Dakar, Senegal
Dato: 19. april 2008
Billede info: The kids got them in with some fish on the hook.
Then they chop thier wings off.
They needed the wings for some decoration in some way.
All things for the money.
Fotograf: Robert Paepke, Sverige
Uploadet den: 8. marts 2011
Hits: Billedet har været vist 3416 gange.
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Massimiliano Dettori skriver onsdag 9. marts 2011 kl. 17.55

Nikolaj noel christensen skriver torsdag 10. marts 2011 kl. 02.08

Anders Østerby skriver torsdag 10. marts 2011 kl. 08.36
Agree, but it could be the only way of income for these kids. It was nice to know what the feathers were used for.

Carsten Murmann skriver torsdag 10. marts 2011 kl. 14.49
Agree - not pleasant to see this activity.

But pls. note that the DANISH LAW still permits
hunting/ SHOOTING of flying Ducks and Geese one
hour before and after sunset!!!

It includes 'hunting' in pitch DARKness in Nov/Dec:

- You cannot see/identify species in a flock
- You cannot aim and hit precisely
- You cannot see and find birds falling a bit away*.

This is done as an Amusement or hobby!

Some will die later (may be found by birders).
The kids' Terns in Senegal probably avoid slow death.

Kindly ASSIST in abolishing the incredible
DANISH 'hunting in the dark'!

Many thx for the photo, ROBERT!

Bästa Hälsn. ............. C.

Carsten Murmann skriver torsdag 10. marts 2011 kl. 15.42
PS :
EUropean fishing fleets decimate fish populations
and destroy the Africans' small-scale fishing at
the coasts of West Africa - and in the Indian Ocean
off Somalia.

Compared to this industrial destruction of oceanic
wildlife (and of sustainability of fishermen families),
the boys' catch is infinitesimal!

BR ............... C.

Robert Paepke skriver mandag 14. marts 2011 kl. 11.52
Thanks for comments my bird friends.
Amusement or hobby in Denmark.
Hunters,if you wanna have the hunting feeling.
Buy a camera and then begin photo birds. Same.
Instead of blood and guts and mess to cary around.
Look on screen and see what a good picture you did.
Shoot them one time with a rifle or many times with a cam.
Hunter can feel good and also the object.Perfect.
Carsten you said:
The kids' Terns in Senegal probably avoid slow death
I can say from my eyes, no.
To see the Terns lying on the baech without wings move to left and right in pain was not easy to see.
Some was in pain on beach long , others not.
But some Tern got alittle help from friends from above.
In the air hang the Kites ready to go down and make the pain stop.
Kids got wings and money and Kites get food.
I would rather say.
The Kites'Terns in Senegal probably avoid slow death.

Michael Westerbjerg Andersen skriver mandag 14. marts 2011 kl. 14.20
Yes Robert - its such a MESS...

And I agree 100% in the others oppinion. Its always a pro et contra; these boys probably are poor and just try to earn some money.. but at the same time they should have a BIG WORD of being so careless and CRUEL. They obviously think different or rather - not at all...

I wouldnt be able to shut up.

I have seen almost the same in Issyk-Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan. Every summer local fishermen (not solely boys) catch juvenile terns in similar matter. At least they break their neck immediately. But its disgusting. I tried to act and talk, but were met with stupidity and completly zero understanding... The terns are in the eyes of the fishermen competitors.

Its very sad.

Im sure every hunter - hobby or not - hate such pictures too. In this case I wouldnt blame the hunters I know; at least they try to kill the animal as fast possible.

And yes - here is a case where we can act together.


Something should be done about this!!!

To stop it!

What can we do? How to help the terns... and to increase the boys understanding and change their behaviour?


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