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Billede information:
Fugleart: Blå Kærhøg - (Circus cyaneus) - Hen Harrier
Fugleart (IOC): Blå Kærhøg (Circus cyaneus) Northern Harrier - species factsheet
Stemme: Stemmer findes her (eksternt link).
Titel / info: 2cy male
Lokalitet: Outgaarden, Belgien
Dato: 5. september 2005
Billede info:
I read on the Netfugl website there have seen two (different?) Pallid Harriers in male 2cy plumage in Denmark in August 2005.

Since we discovered a bird (1 sept) in Outgaarden, Belgium that several ornithologists determined as a Pallid Harrier 2cy male, there has been a lot of discussion.

A 2cy male hen harrier is still not excluded by some. This plumage (brown upperparts, P9 and P10 still juvenile, rest of primaries are changed, secondaries mostly still juvenile (only 3 new adult ones), headpattern visible, ...) seems very rare for pallid as well as for hen harrier.

There are also some doubts about the general structure of the bird, especially the wing bases.

Therefore we are looking for descriptions (and if possible photos, even bad ones) of 2 cy summer and autumn males. Can you help us further with the two recent records in Denmark?

Important to know (and invisible on pics):
- bird is as small as black crow
- head pattern (collar + long light patch above and small patch under the eye) is clearly visible
- long projection of tail (when sitting on ground)
- very pale tail (merges on top with short very white and unbarred rump) without any visible barring

The biggest issue at the moment is the general structure of the bird that tends more to 2 calender year male Hen Harrier, unless plumage details that tends to Pallid Harrier.

Thanks and best regards,
Freek Verdonckt

Fotograf: Luc Verroken, Belgien
Uploadet den: 6. september 2005
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Troels Eske Ortvad skriver fredag 9. september 2005 kl. 13.08
Dear Luc and others

I noticed the name of this bird on this very web has chanced recently. I suspect you have something to do with this somehow.

I’m still a little perplexed. If you read this, maybe you can explain how, if so, you now identify it as montagu´s – maybe you have more pics you can post or link to.

Best regards

Jens Søgaard Hansen skriver tirsdag 20. september 2005 kl. 01.03
Dear Troels, Luc and others,

It was due to a mistake made by one of the administrators at Netfugl that the bird suddenly was named Montagu's Harrier. Netfugl got an email from Luc that the bird was in fact a Hen Harrier!

Cheers, Jens

Jens Søgaard Hansen

Luc Verroken skriver onsdag 21. september 2005 kl. 09.27
Please note the text and the photos were sent by Freek Verdonckt,the discoverer of the bird,not me.
The bird was first labelled as a second-calendar year male Pallid Harrier,but some observers had doubts about the identification.Unfortunately,the bird was only seen for short times and at great distance.
At the fifth day, I went to see the bird and try to photograph it (there were still no photographs). During a wait of 4 hours, I saw the bird for 20 seconds at a distance of 300 meters…
So don't shoot the pianist.

Troels Eske Ortvad skriver onsdag 21. september 2005 kl. 16.17

So sorry to unintentionally (of cause) dragging the “pianist” into this. Your big effort documenting the Harrier, which might have contributed to convince somebody it was a Hen, are indeed honorable.

Best regards,


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